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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December reads & 2011 Challenges Update

Here are my December reads:

I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of these books.

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
This is the first book of the Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson series. Mercy is a character with a complicated background who is a coyote shifter but was raised by wolves. I liked the rhythm of this story and the two men in her life - Adam and Sam. I wonder how their triangle is going to play out. I will definitely be continuing one with the series.

One Night With The Wolf by Anna Hackett
This was one hot short story. Filled with passion, intrigue, and alpha wolves - both male and female. What more can you ask for?

Demon Hunts by C.E. Murphy
Book 5 of the Walker Papers. I really enjoyed seeing Joanne get more in tune with her powers, even though she's still stumbling along. Love the cast of characters. Great to see an old character come back.

His Captive Lady by Anne Gracie
Book 2 of the Devil Riders Series. I absolutely loved this and loved the characters. Especially loved the banter between the Devil Riders and Harry and his Aunt. Anne has a wonderful writing style that takes you away into the world of Regency. 

Captive by Christina Phillips
Absolutely fantastic. Great setting of ancient Britain with the occupation by Rome. Great characters. HAWT read. Book two of the Forbidden series. Looking forward to book 3.

And now for the final tally of the 2011 Challenges. I have the lists for each challenge at the Past Challenges page. But here is a summary of how I went.

100+ Challenge - I read 74 books (so not reached but I'm really happy with what I did do).

Speculative Fiction Challenge - 13 books read (min 12). Therefore, completed!

Horror & Urban Fantasy - 12 out of 24 books read. Halfway done. 

Mystery & Suspense - 4 out of 12 books read. 1/3 way done.

Stephen King Challenge - 1 out of 6 books read. Completely bombed out. 

Romance Challenge - This was my own personal challenge and I read 21 out of 24 books - so ALMOST there. This challenge was helped along by my new column on Eleni's Taverna called Writing Buddies Wednesdays. Most were my writing buddies.

I have a great many books part read so I have already made a start to the new year. 

Thank you 2011. It's now time for 2012.

Happy reading all!

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