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Monday, October 29, 2012

Under the Dome by Stephen King

Can I just say - wow!

An epic brick of a book, this is one of those books that stays with you. How the characters and their actions either make you shake your head or even laugh a little.

The little town of Chester's Mill has been cut from the outside world by a mysterious Dome. It doesn't take long for the man who wields the real power to want more in this situation, and things just go from bad to worse throughout the whole book.

I had started this at a time I didn't have much time to read and because it's an epic book I did pace myself - but after the 1/4 mark I've read more and more, the pace moving at breakneck speed.

While people may think Stephen King only writes horror with creatures, his true gift is seeing into the heart of human nature. He is brilliant at character development and motivations, and to the fears of human nature, and the darkness too. This book is such a study. The big bad is not just the mysterious dome, but the way people react when the Dome makes a different society. How lies and propaganda are used, and how using God is just an excuse for more power.

I think the next Stephen King book I read will be a little shorter.... :) This almost made my arms drop off.

~Happy Reading~

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