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Saturday, April 8, 2017

2016 - series reading greatness...

I've been offline for the last couple of months, so there's been a delay in my 2016 reading posts. That's right I'm not done with 2016 yet!

These are the series that I continued to read that I really enjoyed. Unless otherwise indicated these were all 5 star reads for me.

A Song of Ice and Fire
by George R.R. Martin

Epic Fantasy

Book 5 - A Dance With Dragons: Part 1 Dreams and Dust
Brilliant. The world building is complex and integrated. The characters are complex and vivid. No wonder they made a show out of this series and they had to par back on some of the details.

I'm currently reading book 5, part 2: After The Feast.

Ghost Hunters
by Jayne Castle

Futuristic romance

Book 2 - After Glow (audio)
The mystery of Lydia's missing time is explained. Adventure, romance, dust bunnies - what more could you want?! This sci-fi romantic suspense series has bee hooked. I'm intrigued by the world of Harmony - there are connected series to explore as world.

Book 0.5 - Bridal Jitters - 4 stars
This is a short story set in Harmony but with a different couple.

Soul Screamers
by Rachel Vincent

YA Paranormal

Book 4 - My Soul To Steal
Book 4.5 - Niederwald (short story)
- 4 stars
Book 5 - If I Die

This series about a teen girl who discovers she's a bean sidhe (banshee) which explains a few things in her life. It continues to have twists and turns and I really like Kaylee. She's a good kid who wants the best for others.

In Death
by J.D. Robb

Futuristic crime (with romantic elements)

Book 5 - Ceremony in Death 

Eve Dallas continues to work in homicides with danger around every corner. This time she looks into a cult. Her relationship with Roarke continues to grow strong and their understanding of each other is what the other needs.

Walker Papers
by C.E. Murphy

Urban Fantasy (with romantic elements)

Book 6 - Spirit Dances

The weird supernatural happenings continues to follow Joanne Walker around, starting with a dance actually turning her into a coyote. More fun and games leaves Joanne with more questions about her mother. There's the continual attraction with her boss which seems to get stronger despite themselves.

by Laura Anne Gilman

Urban Fantasy (with romantic elements)

Book 3 - Bring It On 
Book 4 - Burning Bridges
I did make an error and read book 4 before book 3 somehow missing the fact there was a book 3 (the books aren't numbered so it's easy to do - truly *wink*)

The series continues with lone-jack Wren using her talents with manipulating electricity to retrieve items for clients. She's now in a relationship with her business partner, which gets complicated when his past comes to haunt them. She's also getting caught up in the world of the Fatae and councils, which is totally against the lone-jack way. I feel it's getting better with each passing book.

Freefall (book 5) is on my currently reading list. 

Dark Angels
by Keri Arthur

Urban Fantasy (with romantic elements)

Book 2 - Darkness Rising
Urban fantasy, spinoff from the Riley Jenson, Guardian series. This story is about Risa Jones - the hybrid werewolf (who can't change into the wolf form) and Aedh (spirit creature) and she's all grown up. The gang from Riley Jenson makes an appearance but it's the Risa show all the way staring a aedh lover and gorgeous reaper. She's smart, sassy, fun but has a lot of sadness in this book. 

The Four-Sided Pentacle 
by Denise Rossetti

Fantasy romance

Book 3 - The Lone Warrior 
"Some are drawn to the light. Some are drawn to the dark. Some desire both." In the world of the four sided pentacle, dark forces want to envelop the world in darkness and full of pain.  The series follows those who try and follow a path of light and have power over elements which can stop these forces.

Currently reading book 1.5 (novella set in this world) Rubies and Black Velvet

Allegra Fairweather Mysteries
by Janni Nell

Paranormal detective tales with romantic elements

Book 2: South of Salem
Allegra is a paranormal investigator, though her family thinks she's crazy. Until they need her help with some mysterious sleep walking occurrences. With the help of  her gorgeous guardian angel, Casper, she tackles a paranormal entity bent on taking lives.  Full of sass, intrigue and a hint of romance.

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