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Saturday, March 23, 2019

2019 Reading Challenges

What do I hope to achieve in 2019? Well other than to just enjoy my reading?

Here are the challenges I have set myself.

source: Storyblocks

Books to read = 140

Audio books = 30

Australian Women Writers Challenge = 30 to read, 20 to review

Series books = 80

TBR pile = 52 (will concentrate on the A-Z Author TBR first before the A-Z title TBR)

Graphic novels = 10

Happy reading!

Monday, March 18, 2019

2018 Reading

source: Pixabay
Yes, I know it's nearly the end of the first quarter of 2019 and I still haven't posted my 2018 Reading.

It's been a very busy time personally for me. My reading has dropped a bit since November but I'm hoping it picks up again.

So here is how I went with my reading and challenges.

Read: 132              (up 6)
Series: 95              (up 2)
TBR:   42              (up 5)
Audio: 42              (down 5)
AWW: 36              (up 10)
Graphic novels: 7  (same)

Here's the challenges (posted on the Past Challenges page)

110 Book reading Challenge
Aim: 100   Read: 132

Audio Challenge
Aim: 30+    Read: 42

Australian Women's Challenge
Aim: 25 (15 to review)  Read: 31 reviewed most

TBR Author A-Z Challenge
Aim: 26    Read:   1

Aim: 26  Read: 26

TBR A-Z Book Title Challenge
Aim: 26   Read: 1

Aim: 26
Read: 4

74 books ranked 4.5 stars and above.

4.5 = 230
4.75 = 7
and 5 = 36 (2 were rereads)

while it was hard to pick, here are my:

My top 10 reads 
(in order read)
  • Sacrifice (Y Ddraig: The Dragons of Brython #1) by Gwendolyn Beynon  
  • Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (audio narrated by Martin Jarvis) 
  • With All My Soul (Soul Screamers #7) by Rachel Vincent | YA
  • Brave by Rose McGowan | non-fiction
  • The Winter Bride (Chance Sisters #2) by Anne Gracie 
  • Nothing to Fear (Blackridge #1) by Claire Boston  | 2017
  • Table For Eight by Tricia Stringer | 2018
  • The Dark Rose (The Four-Sided Pentacle) by Denise Rossetti | 2012
  • Almost Dead (Dead #2) by Kaz Delaney | YA | 2014
  • The Suspect (Joseph O'Loughlin #1) by Michael Robotham | 2004


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Eleni's reading for October 2018

A mixed bag this month. Lots of books seem to come through at the library at once for my series reads. Happy to have read 3 print TBR books this month.

Read: 20               (up 4)
Series: 12              (down 1)
TBR:   5                (down 4)
Audio: 3                (up 1)
AWW: 5               (down 1)
Graphic novels: 1  (no change)

Historical Romance

  • The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgertons #2) by Julia Quinn | 5 stars | 2009


  • Little Gems Short Story Anthology 2009: Turquoise by Romance Writers of Australia Inc. | 4.5 stars | 2009

Romantic Suspense / Crime

  • Pros and Cons (Fox and O'Hare #0.5) by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg (audio narrated by Scott Brick) | short story | 4 stars | 2013
  • The Shell Game (Fox and O'Hare #0.25) by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg (audio narrated by Scott Brick) | short story | 4 stars | 2014
  • Full Scoop (Full #6) by Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes (audio narrated by Lorelei King) | 4.25 stars | 2006


  • Drama by Raina Telgemeier | 4 stars | graphic novel | middle grade | 2012
  • The Girl with the Red Balloon (The Balloonmakers #1) by Katherine Locke | 4.5 stars | YA | 2017
  • The Transfer (Divergent #0.1) by Veronica Roth | 5 stars | short story | YA | 2013

Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance / Sci-Fi with Romantic Elements

  • Birthright (Beacon #1) by Valerie Parv | 4.25 stars | 2012
  • Soul Stealer (The Anomaly #3) by Anna Hackett | 5 stars | 2013
  • The Given (Celestial Blues #3) by Vicki Pettersson | 4.5 stars | 2014


  • The Uncrowned King (King Rolen's Kin) by Rowena Cory Daniells | 4.5 stars | 2010


      • Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! by Dr. Seuss | 5 stars | children's - picture book | 1971
      • Matilda by Roald Dahl (audio narrated by Kate Winslett) | children's | 5 stars | 1988
      • The Cat in the Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss | 5 stars | | children's - picture book | 1958
      • The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill | 4.25 stars | children's | 2016
      • Gregor and the Marks of Secret (Underland Chronicles #4) by Suzanne Collins (audio narrated by Paul Boehmer) | 4.75 stars | children's | 2008


      • No Plot? No Problem! Revised and Expanded Edition: A Low-stress, High-velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days by Chris Baty | 4.5 stars | non-fiction | 2014


      • What Matters Most by Dianne Maguire | 4.5 stars | 2015
      • Very Good, Jeeves (Jeeves #4) by P.G. Wodehouse (audio narrated by Jonathan Cecil) | 4.25 stars | 2008 <1930>

      ~Happy Reading~

      Tuesday, October 2, 2018

      Eleni's Reading for September 2018

      I'm so close to finishing the e-book Author A-Z challenge. It's helped me get through my eTBR pile. Three more titles to go.

      On the whole a good month.

      Read: 16               (up 3)
      Series: 13              (up 5)
      TBR:   9                (up 3)
      Audio: 2                (down 2)
      AWW: 6                (up 3)
      Graphic novels: 1  (up 1)

      Historical Romance
      • A Scandalous Wager by Cassandra Samuels | 4.75 stars | 2014
      • The Winter Bride (Chance Sisters #2) by Anne Gracie | 5 stars | 2014
      • Saving Grace (Fair Cyprians of London #1) by Beverley Oakley | 4.25 stars | 2013

      Contemporary Romance
      • His Until Midnight by Nikki Logan | 5 stars | 2013

      Romantic Suspense / Suspense with Romantic Elements 
      • Nothing to Fear (Blackridge #1) by Claire Boston | 5 stars | 2017
      • The Bride, The Groom, and Me (Sassy Chance #1) by Janni Nell | 4.5 stars | 2014
      • Hide (D.D. Warren #2) by Lisa Gardner (audio read by Maggie-Meg Reed) | 5 stars | 2007 

      • Fallen (Fallen #1) by Lauren Kate | 4 stars | re-read | 2009
      • Fearless and Neiderwald (short stories in Soul Screamers Volume 4) (Soul Screamers #0.4, #4.5) by Rachel Vincent | 5 stars | YA | 2014
      • Last Request (Soul Screamers #7.5) by Rachel Vincent | 5 stars | YA | novella | 2014
      • The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices Manga #2) by Cassandra Clare and Hye-Kyung Baek | 4 stars | graphic novel | 2013

      Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance
      • Angels' Pawn (Guild Hunter #0.6) by Nalini Singh | 5 stars | 2012
      • Enslave Me Sweetly (Alien Huntress #2) by Gena Showalter | 4.25 stars | 2006 
      • DEAD Hunter (DEAD #3) by Lizzie T. Leaf | 4.25 stars | 2012


      • The Lost Colony (Artemis Fowl #5) by Eoin Colfer (audio read by Nathaniel Parker) | 5 stars | children's | 2006

      • Brave by Rose McGowan | 5 stars | 2018

      ~Happy Reading!~

      Tuesday, September 4, 2018

      Eleni's Reading for August 2018

      I'm continuing to tackle my TBR pile - using the Author A-Z challenge to chose the next book, but also listening to audio books as they become available. 

      Read: 13               (up 3)
      Series: 8               (up 3)
      TBR:   6                (up 1)
      Audio: 4                (up 2)
      AWW: 3                (down 1)
      Graphic novels: 0  (same)

      Fantasy Romance / Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy 

      The Golden Apple (The Dark Forest #1) by Michelle Diener | 4.25 stars
      Shifting Hearts (Wiccan Haus #1) by Dominique Eastwick | 4.5 stars
      One for the Money (Night Huntress #4.5) by Jeanine Frost  (in Magic Graves duology with Ilona Andrews) | 4.5 stars | short story
      With All My Soul (Soul Screamers #7) by Rachel Vincent | 5 stars | YA - fab way to end the series

      Contemporary Romance (erotic)  / Rural Romance 

      New Year's Kisses by Rhian Cahill | 4.5 stars | novella

      Historical Romance | Historical Fantasy | Historical with Romantic Elements

      Sacrifice (Y Ddraig: The Dragons of Brython #1) by Gwendolyn Beynon | 5 stars - just wow!!
      The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict (audio narrated by Mozhan Marno) | 4.5 stars
      The Duke and I (Bridgertons, #1) by Julia Quinn | 4.5 stars
      The Duke and I: The 2nd Epilogue (Bridgertons, #1.5) by Julia Quinn | 4 stars

      Speculative Fiction (no romance)

      Out of Time: 2 Strange Tales by Milo James Fowler | 4.5 stars | short stories
      Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (audio narrated by Martin Jarvis) | 5 stars - hilarious!


      A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet #1) by Madeleine L'Engle (audio narrated by Hope Davis) | 4.5 stars | children's


      My Life in France by Julia Child & Alex Prud'Homme (audio narrated by Kimberley Farr) | 4.5 stars | non-fiction |

      ~Happy Reading~

      Monday, August 27, 2018

      Series Reading: Authors Beginning with L

      Again, it's been a while since I posted about my series reading. I'm slowly going through them especially trying to tackle those in my TBR piles, those on audio, and those lingering for some time.

      Laura Anne Gilman

      Genre: Urban Fantasy

      Follows Retriever, Wren Valere who specialises in finding things gone missing — and then bringing them back, no questions asked. All the while using her skills in stealth but also those using current. She's part of the Cosa Nostradamus - those with magical abilities or are magical creatures themselves. Trouble brews during the series especially with the nulls (non-magical humans) and within factions.

      Wren is a lone jack and as the name implies she likes working alone. Well except for her business partner Sergei who handles the business side of her retrieving and helps her plan. But as time goes on, she's relied on more and more by others.

      Up to: #6 - Blood from Stone

      2018: #5 (TBR pile)

      The Retrievers series then spins off into two other series,  Paranormal Scene Investigations, followed by Sylvan Investigations. So I still have some reading to do in the Cosa Nostradamus world.

      Laurell K. Hamilton

      Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter
      Genre: Horror/Urban Fantasy

      Series of urban fantasy novels, narrated by title character, Anita Blake. Anita lives in a parallel universe, much like our own, save that not only do things like vampires and shapeshifters exist, but their presence is public knowledge. The novels follow Anita's conflicts with the supernatural as she attempts to solve a variety of mysteries, come to terms with her abilities, and navigate a complex series of romantic and political relationships (from Goodreads).

      Up to: #5 - Bloody Bones

      2018: #4

      Laurell K. Hamilton

      Merry Gentry
      Genre: Urban fantasy/Erotic romance/Menage

      My name is Meredith 'Merry' Gentry, but of course it's not my real name. I dare not even whisper my true name after dark for fear that one hushed word will travel over the night winds to the soft ear of my aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness. She wants me dead. I don't even know why... (from book 1's blurb).

      Thus begins a complex trek in into the Faerie existence, politics, and relationship. Merry surrounds with herself with bodyguards and by decree from her Aunt and to secure her own life, Merry must get pregnant by one of them. But not everyone wants this to happen and Merry's life is constantly in danger.

      Up to: #8 - Divine Misdemeanours

      2017: #7 (audio)

      Lauren Kate

      Genre: YA/Paranormal Romance

      What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?

      17-year-old Lucinda falls in love with a gorgeous, intelligent boy, Daniel, at her new school, the grim, foreboding Sword & Cross . . . only to find out that Daniel is a fallen angel, and that they have spent lifetimes finding and losing one another as good & evil forces plot to keep them apart.

      Get ready to fall . . .
      (blurb from book 1)

      Up to: #3 - Passion.

      2011 #2
      Since it's been so long, I'm re-reading book 1.

      L. Frank Baum

      Genre: Children's/Fantasy

      Oz a land outside of our own where a girl name Dorothy and her dog get blown to in their Kansas house. I didn't realise there was a series after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, so am checking them out.

      Up to: #3 - Ozma of Oz

      2018: #2 (audio)

      Lilliana Rose

      The Clockwork Mysteries
      Genre: Steampunk/Historical/Romantic Elements

      Vickie wants spice in her life, but her husband George is more interested in his work as a doctor. Left alone with nothing to fill in the time, the temptation of leaving the marriage is growing. George wants to rekindle their love, but he takes his duty helping the sick seriously, especially those who can't afford medical bills and finds it hard to spend time with Vickie. An outbreak of a mysterious illness threatens George and Vickie's ordered world. George becomes ill, and Vickie is left to care for him, as well as trying to work out the cause of his ailment. To survive, Vickie must find a way to take charge in her world.
      (blurb for book 1)

      Up to: #2: Heart of Gold

      2015: #1 (TBR pile)

      Lilliana Rose

      Genre: Steampunk/Sci-fi/Romantic Elements

      Nessie dreams of escaping her sheltered life to become a mechanical engineer with mechas. But wanting and doing are two very different things, and outer confidence hides inner fears—until she meets Joy.

      Joy is tough and self-reliant, used to be looking out for no one but herself. As her job keeps her always on the move, keeping to herself is the best way to survive. The very last person she expects to break her solitude is the prim and proper Nessie.
      (blurb for book 1)

      Up to: #2: Circus Games

      2017: #1 (eTBR pile)

      Lisa Gardner

      FBI Profiler
      Genre: Crime/Psychological Thriller

      Lisa Gardner calls this thriller series the FBI Profiler series. It begins with FBI Profiler Pierce Quincy in The Perfect Husband. In book two, he meets local Bakersville, Oregon deputy, Lorraine "Rainie" Conner. Through the series Quincy and his partner Rainie solve crimes involving serial killers and psychopaths. Later books include Quincy’s daughter, FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy.

      Up to: #5: Gone

      2014: #4

      Lisa Gardner

      Detective D.D. Warren
      Genre: Crime/Psychological Thriller

      D.D. Warren is a Boston police detective.

      Alone . . . Massachusetts State Trooper Bobby Dodge watches a tense hostage standoff unfold through the scope of his sniper rifle. Just across the street, in wealthy Back Bay, Boston, an armed man has barricaded himself with his wife and child. The man’s finger tightens on the trigger and Dodge has only a split second to react . . . and forever pay the consequences. (from book 1's blurb)

      Up to: #2: Hide

      2016: #1 

      Lizzie T. Leaf

      Genre: Paranormal Romance/Humour

      Deb Stein loved to party until she took the hunk dressed as a vampire to her bed. Now she's one of the living dead and pissed about it. Plus, she has to find a new identity and WORK! (Blurb from book 1).

      Up to: #3: Dead Hunter

      2016: #2

      Lucienne Diver

      Latter-Day Olympians
      Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery/ Romantic Elements /Humour

      Tori Karacis’s family line may trace back to a drunken liaison between the god Pan and one of the immortal gorgons. Or…maybe it’s just coincidence that her glance can, literally, stop men in their tracks. While her fear of heights kept her out of the family aerobatic troupe, her extreme nosiness fits right in with her uncle’s P.I. business. (from book 1's blurb)

      There begins Tori's discovery that the family tales may be real and that the Greek Pantheon is real. Throw in a love interest and love triangle, adventure, and a wicked sense of humour and you have the series.

      Up to: #4: Battle for the Blood

      2017: #3 (eTBR pile)

      Until next time....Happy Reading!

      Thursday, August 2, 2018

      Eleni's Reading for July 2018!

      Here are my June reads.

      Read: 8                 (down 1)
      Series: 5               (down 1)
      TBR: 5                 (up 1)
      Audio: 2                (down 2)
      AWW: 4                (same)
      Graphic novels: 0 (down 2)

      Fantasy Romance / Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

      • Storm of Fire (Search for Home #2) by S.E. Gilchrist | 4.25 stars
      • The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K. Hamilton (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #4) | 4.5 stars
      • Destined for an Early Grave (Night Huntress #4) by Jeanine Frost (read by Tavia Gilbert) | 5 stars

      Contemporary Romance (erotic)  / Rural Romance 
      • Claudine's New Adventure by Elizabeth Dunk (Nicole Murphy) | short story | 4.25 stars
      • A Sapphire for Karina by Imogene Nix | short story | 4.25 stars
      • The House on Burra Burra Lane (Swallow's Fall #1) by Jennie Jones | 4.5 stars

      Cozy Mystery
      • Cat Raise the Dead (Joe Grey #3) by Shirley Rousseau Murphy (audio narrated by Susan Boyce) | 4.25 stars

      • You Have Too Much Sh*t by Chris Thomas - short book | 4 stars

      ~Until next time, Happy Reading!~