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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reward book: Breaking Dawn

Yes, people would say I am behind the times as I finally finished reading The Twilight Saga's last book, Breaking Dawn.

I've tried to stay aware from they hype of The Twilight Saga & have read them because I have enjoyed them. Twilight was introduced to me & the Bootcampers  by fellow Bootcamper Dana. And I was drawn in. It's not fast paced but at the same time I felt the book speed along, thoroughly immersed in Bella's world.

Breaking Dawn concludes the four part series. I won't go into details as I don't want to spoil it but it fitted all together. Let me say I was never into these "Team" camps - Edward or Jacob. I didn't think they were needed. The story is about Bella & Edward, so I never saw Jacob as anything more as a good friend/brother figure. The fact HE didn't see that was just part of the story arc. 

All in all, it's about discovery and about family. And the great thing about this series is that it has another generation of teenage girls reading again & making it cool. 

So that was my reward book. Now to my next reward choice - Sizzle, Seduce & Simmer edited by Marion Lennox. It's a selection of stories & recipes from Australian Romance Authors. It has been waiting ever so patiently for ages. So instead of chapters it would be the snippets from this book.

Really looking forward to it!

~Happy reading~

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