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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Final tally.....

The final list is on the 2010 Challenges page and you can see the total list of what I read in the Books Read page, which is a visual representation of 2009 and 2010.

I almost made it for so many of them. As Maxwell Smart would say 'Missed it by that much'.

  • Support Your Library Challenge - 48 out of 50 books for the Just My Size challenge.
  • 100+ Challenge - 93 out of 100.
  • Speculative Fiction challenge - 29  out of 24. Yep. reached target.
  • Harlequin challenges: Total books: 62
Count down - 50 out of 55 read;
A-Z Author - 23 out of 26, with 3 more in mid-read;
A-Z Title - 25 out of 26 with the final book in mid listen;
Mini-Challenge - 24 books in series - reached and read 39 all up.

I had fun indeed but I did notice that the last few weeks I've pressured myself to finish the targets. In one way it was good timing because I read when I rest and I've needed to rest abit more now, but maybe it was too much. How can one read too much, I hear you ask?

I know what an awful thought. No, it's that I just needed to rest by not reading. To let the CFS fatigued brain have a breather. So I will not be stressing about the number of books this year as I have in the last month.

But as you all know, my TBR pile is getting worse than better, so I'm trying to at least go through it. This is why I will not be undertaking the library challenge as such (though looking at the amount of books I have borrowed from the library, it will probably end up as a separate list anyway *wink*).

Thanks to the library, I have been introduced to many new authors (well new authors to me) and hence I will continue to borrow but not aim for a figure. I shall report at the end of the year how much ended up being borrowed though.

Happy reading and good luck with your To Be Read piles.

Let the reading commence!! or should I say continue?? :)


Suzi said...

Well done on your challenges,
I almoooost met mine too,
Still, good to be reading lots,

Eleni Konstantine said...

Go us and almost meeting our challenges. Well done Suzi and thanks for the congrats. :)