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Friday, June 24, 2011

Reward book: Angel's Blood

Angel's Blood was a great read with a different look at archangels, angels, and vampires.

Elena is a Guild Hunter - and hunts down renegade vampires on behalf of their angel masters. Raphael is the Archangel of New York, and has lived millennia. Both lethal, both strong willed, they have a battle of the wills. On the trail of a killing archangel, they are forced to work together, and both change in the process.

I loved Nalini's style and worldbuilding. I must admit that I really got into it from about chapter four.

The first book of the Guild Hunter series, I'm looking forward to reading more. More mystery to unfold, more action is promised. I will not spoil it, but I'd like to see where the main characters lives go.

Now, for my next choice.

I am really excited about reading this one. I suppose that is what the reward books are all about - working on writing, so I can read these wonderful books.

Last week, I attended the book launch of Amy T. Matthews debut book, End of the Night Girl.

It won the 2010 Arts SA Premier's Unpublished Manuscript Award, and is published by Wakefield Press. We at SARA have been waiting for its release. One thing about having writing friends, there is never a shortage of fantastic books to read.

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