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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reward book: End Of The Night Girl

Wow, what can I say about the End of the Night Girl other than it is utterly amazing.

"Molly, a sassy waitress, is haunted by the ghost of a murdered Polish Jew. Two novels, each a compelling page-turner, combine teasingly in one as End of the Night Girl explores the shadow cast by the Holocaust across decades, continents and cultures."

It has been a long while that I have read any literary. I'm more of a genre fan, but this was absolutely amazing. Two lives, two stories, but they are tied together. One a creation of the other, but one life more false than the other. Powerful imagery, totally spellbinding. I'm so glad I chose this book as my reward because reading it the way I did, had the book live with me longer. Had me think about it. Yes, it's a tough subject - the Holocaust, as well as the one about identity, but it's a rich book that helps you open your eyes. It doesn't lecture, it doesn't offer advice. Raw emotions spill on the page with majesty of the wordsmith's craft. And Amy is definitely a wordsmith of the highest calibre. I'm very proud of her work and to call her friend. Well done!

Next book...

I go from the deep, emotional look at humanity to something quite altogether different. Growing up, I had the treat of buying Sweet Valley High books and this year saw the return of the series with Sweet Valley Confidential: 10 years later. Which picks up the twins, Elizabeth and Jessica's tale 10 years later. A lighter read I'm sure, but still one I have been waiting to read. 

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