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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Challenges Update

It took me longer to get to this than I thought.

I have been reading more romance lately what with the Writing Buddy Wednesday posts and trying to catch up on TBR reading of those authors.

Because of this I am now at 17/24 read for the Romance Challenge. Up by 6. So a good effort there.

I'm one up on the Speculative Fiction challenge at 13 (I have reached the min. of 12 with this one if you recall). Up by 1.

I'm up one with the Horror & Urban Fantasy challenge at 10/24. Up by 1.

There has been no change with the Mystery challenge. Still at 4/12.
And no change with the Stephen King Challenge. Still at 1/12.

Currently my reading pile holds

  • three romances
  • three speculative fictions
  • one urban fantasy
  • one Stephen King
  • one mystery
I've also started reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman on my iPhone. It is now my waiting room book. So another speculative fiction. 

I may not complete the challenges but heck, I'm having fun reading all these books.

How are you going with your challenges?


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