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Monday, December 12, 2011

November Reads

November wasn't a busy month in regards to reading many books, but I at least finished off two.

The Rebel by J.R. Ward
Writing as Jessica Bird, this romance held humour, and raw pain as a bed & breakfast owner struggles to keep what has been in her family for generations. A new chef hobbles into her life, challenging her as no-one has before. Thoroughly enjoyed. Has the same wit, and insights to people as her paranormal romances do. And the romance between the two characters is lovely.

Tempt The Devil by Anna Campbell
The Queen of Regency Noir has done it again. Another notorious courtesan gets caught up with a man who challenges her every step of the way. Both have hurts in the past, and together they start to heal. This is not as dark as the first two of Anna's books (Claiming the Courtesan, Untouched), but is still full of deep emotion. Thoroughly enjoyed.

How was your November?

~Happy Reading!~

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