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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fetish by Tara Moss


Tall, blonde and beautiful – It’s no surprise that Canadian Makedde Vanderwall is a model. What is surprising is her street-smart ways and her own recognition that modeling is only a stopgap career, a lucrative means to fund her tuition for a degree in forensic psychology.

But more surprising – and disturbing – is that while on assignment in Sydney, Australia, Makedde finds herself in the middle of a grisly, sensational hunt for the “Stiletto Murderer” – a serial killer who brutally murdered Makedde’s best friend – and may see Makedde as his next fashion victim. Who is this murderous monster with the penchant for sexy shoes?

The world of fashion takes on sinister tones – a photographer who get off on snapping photos of dead bodies; beautiful women with rich but mysterious sugar daddies; and bottom feeders who cruise the murky ocean of high fashion and low morals. And now, seemingly deserted by the one cop who can save her, Makedde is a girl on the edge of unimaginable terror, in a place where perfect beauty is transformed into darkest death…

My Goodreads review...

3.5 stars

I listened to this on the way to and from campus for night classes. A fascinating story with the POV of the killer really chilling. The story of a Canadian model who is caught up in a serial killer's fantasies is a good premise and I did like reading the book. I did however, find some of the dialogue stilting, maybe even more so since it was the audio version. And the pronunciation of 'skata' by Jimmy was something that jerked me out of the story for a second because was it was wrong. Again this was because it was the audio version. In a print version, it wouldn't have been an issue.

I do want to know what happens to Markedde Vanderwall next. She's an interesting character and I would like to see more of her with her family. I liked the chemistry between her and Detective Flynn, and did like he was a bloke, and not perfect by any stretch, but he cares and is a good cop.

Chilling images of the killings, and the man behind them. While also looking at the psychology of what made him that way, the cat and mouse hunt is on the edge of your seat stuff.

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