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Thursday, October 4, 2012

DarkSider Reading Challenge: September reviews

I was able to read quite a lot of DarkSider stories this month. Yay for me. Here are the reviews from Goodreads.

The last thing Noah thought he'd find was a one woman alive after a deadly virus has wiped out the world. Half his luck, she's virgin priestess of a lesbian culture, and it's forbidden for a man to touch her as she'll lose her powers.

This was not only very well written, but also had me giggling away at Noah's predicament, and his reaction to Titi's descriptions and demonstrations of her culture and the lesbian sex ~ she knows no other way though she's never partaken in herself as she was their priest ·
ess. References to the Sacred Rod were gold.

I'll definitely be reading more of Ross' Forbidden Fantasy stories. They are short and great for when you want a snack of a story.

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Really enjoyed this telling of the magical world set in contemporary times, where magic is taxed and anyone who fails to follow these restrictions get in a lot of trouble.

Characters are imperfect and I love that about them. I loved the sense of humour throughout but also the tale of a genie and his reluctant mistress. I won't give away spoilers but felt for Primrose and her very black moment.

Love the world of the mythical beings and drawing from all sort of cultures, especially ones that were familiar to me - satyrs, manticores, harpies, sirens. Looking forward to reading book 2.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this novella - great writing by Husk, and loved the premise. Some secondary characters that are just nasty, and wounded hero and heroine. Great seeing their story.
5 of 5 stars false

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Absolutely loved it. I savoured reading this making myself slow down. Well except the last quarter which I read quickly.

Prejudice is alive and well in this book, and we see the characters learning trust one another, and the other society. Wonderful worldbuilding. And what a fab cover. Probably one of my favourites and now having read the book, it is even more so because that's Annika.

Well done, Ms Griffin. A fabulous tale with love, adventure, and with a set up for more in book 2. Can't wait to get my teeth into that one.
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4.5 stars

Really enjoyed - graphic, descriptive (Hayes has a very descriptive way), and liked the POVs.

What I love about the books is that the characters are very flawed but they make do with what they have. I mean two thieves as the protagonists - not what you call 'white hat' characters but they are both loveable because of their flaws, and you have to take their world into consideration when you hear the word 'thief'.
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