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Sunday, November 11, 2012

October Reads

And here we are with the October reads (what? It's the 11th November, already?!!)

Both I gave 5 stars!

Clash of Kings


What can I say? This book did not disappoint. Though I had seen the TV series, season 2, there are differences, which there always are.

I love the descriptions, and the complexity of the plot. I love the characters and you have to remember that most are kids (definitely a different world for them). Of course, there's new characters; others who are killed - that is not surprising in this world.

One thing that jarred me was referring to the ages as the same. Robb had a birthday, but everyone else seemed to stay the same despite the passage of time.

I'll definitely be continuing the series.

Under The Dome

One word: awesome!

Separate post on this HERE.

Happy Reading!

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