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Sunday, February 3, 2013

January reads

In addition to the two books I read and posted about previously, I have one more book to add to January's bundle.

Finding Veronica by Louise Forster.

I reviewed it at Goodreads, but here it is below...

4.5 stars
I thoroughly enjoyed this book - the characters were witty and likeable, the Aussie town was quirky, and the mystery of Veronica and the foreign men was a good subplot. I really enjoyed the romance and the banter between Jennifer and Callum, and also the family closeness of Jennifer with her sister and niece. Lots of laugh out loud moments- firemen, bagpipes, and bulls - and some really emotional moments remember the uncle.
I know that there is another book called 'Finding Elizabeth' on the way. Can't wait to read it.

Being an Australian Author, this has gone into the AWW challenge.

~Happy Reading~

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eleni,
I came across your blog and got a great surprise. You reviewed my book Finding Veronica. I'd seen it on goodreads but it's just as great seeing here. A terrific review and star rating. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
Thank you so much :-)

Best wishes, Louise.