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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Knowing lots of writers..a nice problem to have

Tricia Stringer
When you know a lot of writers because of being part of a wonderful organisation like Romance Writers of Australia and other organisations, you want to read everyone's work. More importantly you want to buy everyone's work. It's a nice problem to have when there is all this wonderful material to read.

Recently, at the Romance Writers of Australia conference, I attended the Australian Romance Readers Association book signing. It was a chance to get books signed by the authors, to chat about their books, sign up to newsletters, or just grab merchandise like bookmarks to check out new to me authors at a later stage.

Me (left) with the lovely Alli Sinclair
The problem is there is a limit to the number of books I can buy as much as I wish there was an inexaustable supply of funds.

I've noticed my ebook purchases have increased and the print book purchases decreased since I have an iPad. This is not only because of the device, but because of the ease and price of ebooks. So by switching some books to ebooks, I can make the money go further.

Husband and wife writing team - Jim and Nikoo McGoldrick
who write as May McGoldrick and Jan Coffey. 

Still there is a limit and when that happens, I borrow books from the library. In Australia, there is the Public Lending Scheme that Australian authors (who register) get when books are borrowed in libraries x number of times.

I also recommend book titles to libraries and it's a way of supporting in a different way.

Another way is using lists in Goodreads. I know I click on the 'Want to Read' button when I see it in my feed, so I figure I could inspire others to read books by authors I enjoyed reading.

Gwendolyn Beynon (left) and Alissa Callen

Of course there is also the problem of finding the time to actually read all the books that I have purchased ... but that is a story for another time.

Until next time, Happy Reading!


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