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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Reading Challenges - lace up those shoes!

The one good thing in 2016 I can safely say is that it had been a good year of reading. I'm aiming to do more challenges in 2017 to keep motivated and to maybe put some order into the chaotic world of my reading lists and TBR piles.

100 book challenge

Goodreads asks that you set the number of books you would like to read in a given year. For 2017, I chose 100 books. It's more than the 60 I set last year but less than the actual achievement of last year. This year, I'll be including short stories/picture books that are published separately as one read each. It makes it easier to equal that up with the Goodreads read count.

I've already finished off six titles:
  • Hands of Flame (Negotiator/Old Races Universe #3) by C.E. Murphy
  • City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare
  • Someday, Someday, Maybe by  Lauren Graham (audio)
  • Kiss Me, Annabel (Essex Sisters #2) by Eloisa James
  • Helloween: a collection of horror short stories by Samantha Comb 
  • Fairy Dust (Sookie Stackhouse #4.1) (short story) by Charlaine Harris

100 book challenge page


I'm aiming for 45 books this year, the 'My Precious' level or should that be My Precioussss?

I'm currently listening to
  • The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahern
  • Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich
  • Split Second (Sean King & Michelle Maxwell #1) by David Baldacci

Audio Challenge page

Australian Women Writers Challenge

I'm aiming for 25 books this year and to review 15 of these.

I'm currently reading
  • Stone Castles by Trish Morey
  • Dead Actually by Kaz Delaney

TBR list

I'm tackling the TBR pile a little different this year. While I will have both print and ebook lists, I will be having two (count them - one, two) challenges to tackle them. I'll accept books from other non-TBR challenges to fill these but not between the two challenges.

Author Name -TBR Challenge

I decided this year the Author Name challenged should be linked to my TBR pile. This will help me read more a wider ranger of authors. This will be with either the first letter of either of the first or last name of the author corresponding with the letter of the alphabet.

This means 52 books - 26 for print and 26 for ebooks.

Author name - TBR page 

Book Title -TBR Challenge

For those books that don't fit into the Author Name challenge, I'll be using the book titles to correspond to the alphabet. Again, I hope to have one list for print and one list for ebooks. However, I won't be as strict with this one if at the end of the year, I need to combine them. After all that will be another 26 to 52 books on top of the challenges above (which really add up to more than 100 books).

Book title - TBR page

Hopefully this will help clear a backlog from the TBR pile!!

I'll also be keeping a master list of TBR books read from all the lists.

A-Z Author Name Reading Challenge

This one is not my own personal one but one by the group I belong to, DarkSide DownUnder. The name of the game is to read as many DarkSider author books that fit into the alphabet. I'm able to use other challenges in this one if I want to.

DarkSider A-Z Author Name page

As you can see these challenges will keep me out of trouble - I hope *wink*.

Why not join me in a challenge or two?

Happy Reading to you all in 2017!

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