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Sunday, May 8, 2011

April reading

I can't believe it's a week into May. Time is flying, but my reading is not so much. Though I was happy with my April reads.

Getting Even With Fran by Christine Stinson 
Truly a lovely read. A look at the lives of 7 women just before a 30th year high school reunion. There are secrets, lies, betrayal, new love, lost love, difficult relationships - and there is humour in there too. Just a joy to read.

Castles by Colin Thompson
Picture book - different made up castles and object is for reader to see how many kings, queens, princes and princesses they can find. Lovely illustrations.

One Good Knight (Book 2 of The Five Hundred Kingdoms series) by Mercedes Lackey
We follow princess Andromeda in her quest for acceptance to be considered an adult by her mother the Queen. When she shows intelligence in research and matters of state, the Queen is pleased...but then a dragon appears terrorizing the countryside. Only one solution can be found - a virgin must be sacrificed every week until a Champion can arrive. The Tradition maneuvers to bring about the 'traditional path' in the lives of the Five Hundred Kingdoms. But it can be manipulated or steered in another direction. An enjoyable read - and love the dashes of humour here and there.... Bookwyrm!! :)

Wild Ride by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer
An amusement park called Dreamland, five trapped demons, five guardians, one crow - it's all a wild ride. I enjoyed reading this book, but I had to return to the library half way through. Second time around, I read it quite effortlessly. I love the humour of the characters and the way they look at life.

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