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Thursday, September 8, 2011

August reads

And now it's time to go over my August reads.

The Gunslinger - Dark Tower, 1  by Stephen King
Five stories in one volume. This is a surreal world - post apocolyptic - where the Gunslinger is on the hunt for the Man in Black. He comes across towns, settlements, and a boy on his journey across the desert for what he thinks is his final showdown - and searching the truth for the Dark Tower.  I found it a little hard to follow at times - the surreal aspect of it - and a bit disjointed.  I think that's what the world is like for the gunslinger. So will continue on to read the second book in the series.

Lover Unleashed - Black Brother Brotherhood, 9 by J.R. Ward
Payne's story and she's mixing it up with a human as well, Dr Manny. I continue to love this series, and loved seeing more of Vishous and Jayne. I love the feeling of family of the Brotherhood, and of course there's the action, the danger, the heartbreak. Such a fantastic take on vampires and love that the guys swear like guys do. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Rapunzel in NY by Nikki Logan
A wonderful category read. It was exactly the book I needed as I waited in a hospital waiting room. Beautifully drawn characters with hang ups about their past and how they start to look outside their spheres. Lovely writing.

Greek Myths by Deborah Locke
Was good to read the Greek Myths in an easy format aimed for kids. Definitely well aimed. Good illustrations.

Take A Chance, issues 1-5, by C.E. Murphy
Great drawings, great story. I enjoyed this series. I read it in the 5 installments instead of the one volume. What happens when an ordinary woman becomes a vigilante? Chance is now faced with superheroes interfering with her job.

Galactic Burn by Mel Teshco
All I can say is hawt, hawt, hawt - should come with a warning label. There is three alien males (they look human) and one VERY satisfied human female. :))

The Ruthless Greek's Virgin Princess by Trish Morey
Well I was lucky enough to be given a dedication in this book. I did enjoy the relationship between Marietta and Yiannis. The perception of one what says, what one thinks and what one does is highlighted in this book. Bravo, Trish. 

Her Cattleman's Boss by Barbara Hannay
As usual, Barbara's stories are heartfelt and lovely. I adore Barbara's writing and her stories. I always walk away with emotion stuck in my throat. This one was no different. 

So I've read some really good books. How about you? What have you read lately?

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