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Sunday, October 9, 2011

September reads

I can't believe it's the 9th October already. Seriously, where has the time flown.

I read / finished the following in September. I am quite pleased with this effort.

Goddess Girls - Persephone the Phony
Book 2 of the Mount Olympus Academy sees Persephone feel like a phony because she feels she has to agree and be nice with everyone. All that gets shaken up when she meets supposed bad boy, Hades. A cool take on Greek mythology and a book that's written well for the kids.

It suited the age group this is aimed for. I would have enjoyed when I was a child.

Penumbra by Keri Arthur
Book 3 of Spook Squad series which ended up being a trilogy. While it wraps up much of the mystery of the first 3 books, the upcoming war is left in the air. I'm not complaining as Keri wrote Riley Jensen and her story. I would have love to see how the characters progressed with the knowledge they have. Great stuff by Keri Arthur.

I reviewed End of the Night Girl in an earlier post, but I will say again that it's brilliant.

You have probably noticed an increased reading of romance genre books, with this month having Rachel Bailey's At the Billionaire's Beck and Call? and Claire Baxter's Her Mediterranean Makeover. I'm loving reading these books more regularly. While I don't write in these styles I appreciate their good stories and the category length. I believe that everything we experience (be it reading, writing, watching tv, taking the dog for a walk) all helps us with our own stories and inspiration. These two ladies are people whom I admire and it's no coincidence that I had them on my Writing Buddy Wednesday column over at Eleni's Taverna. What I have been trying to do is read the the author buddies featured as I go along. So the book goes to the top(ish) part of the TBR pile. It helps me get back to these books and support my friends.

So what am I currently reading from the WBW ~ Tracey O'Hara's Death's Sweet Embrace, and I'm totally loving it. She has such a fantastic style. 

So to date, how am I going with the challenges?

Speculative fiction = 11/12 (no change)
Currently reading: 
Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara
Covet by J.R. Ward
Troubletwisters by Garth Nix and Sean Williams
The King's Bastard by Rowena Cory Daniells

Horror & Urban Fantasy = 9/24 (up by 1)
Currently reading:
Death's Sweet Embrace by Tracey O'Hara

Mystery & Suspense = 4/12 (no change)
Currently reading: Moonlight Becomes You by Mary Higgins Clark

Stephen King = 1/12 (up by 1)
Will read: Under the Dome

Romance = 11/24 (up by 7)
Currently Reading:
Home is Where the Bark Is by Kandy Shepherd.

So not a bad effort. :))

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