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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

October reads

My goodness, it's the 9th November and I haven't put up my reads. It's just been rush, rush, rush...

So here we go:

A great month for catching up with my reading and finishing books off.  Though the same can't be said for November so far.

As you can see, I'm finishing off books by my writing buddies, which I'm very happy about, as well as other started some time ago. Covet by J.R. Ward is an eBook I have on my phone, which I read mainly in waiting rooms. So it may have taken awhile, but at least those waiting rooms and waiting was not boring.

So far, I have read a total of 67 books this year. I'm reading thicker books and it does make a difference. But each book I read is a bonus, especially as life seems to be as I said, rush, rush, rush.

I hope you find time to read.

I hope to review my challenges soon.

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